Day 9

I still have not made this a habit yet. My Friday weigh in, I was 249 even. Downward slope still in effect. We went over to Amy’s tonight for game night. Spent a lot of time playing Guitar Hero rather than anything else. Still was a lot of laughs, although both Scott & I stunk at playing. Well seeing as how we’ve never played before.

Day 6

Well, I missed a couple of days due to ickiness. Scott was laid off on the 4th. I pretty much ceased to do anything I was supposed to. But two days is enough. I must stick with resolutions. I also lost any photos I had on my phone. Not sure what happened, so no food log or random pics for those days.

Day 3

I so failed at my food log today. I did not take one picture of anything I ate and only made it to the OJ I had first thing. My “being bad” day was really bad. I started off with 10 Krispy Kreme doughnuts and followed that with a nice trip to El Chico’s for 2 Beef Enchilada dinner. By “bad” I am mostly referring to the 10 Krispy Kreme doughnuts of course. OH MY! Need to work on the light for my Project 365 again, this time I washed myself out. Work tomorrow...yay...

Day 2

Read an article today from Men’s Health website that said I should say my ABC’s while chewing food in order to be more satiated. Not sure I can do that. Most of the food I eat would be absolute mush by then. Well, I guess I have to try it out to see.

Got a dog training book, hopefully I can get Otis to behave a little more. He is such a spaz!!

Day 1

So this is where the New Year’s Resolutions start. I have made mine which is to lose weight. I’ll keep track of what I eat, what I do for exercise, and I’ll do it right. My picture food diary has its own link because I didn’t want to muddle up the blog itself.

So to start things off I didn’t decide to do the picture thing until after breakfast & lunch. I had slim-fast & OJ so nothing joyous there.

To make up for all that goodness I ate, I used the elliptical for 20 minutes. didn’t even put a dent in the eating.

My weight today is 251.8. I’ll take weekly weight measurements because doing it daily kills me, and hell, let’s be frank I usually forget. I apparently need more light before I take my project 365 pictures. I’ll remember that from now on.