New Start

Temperature under tounge = 94.85
Temperature using forehead = 96.85
Weight 251.6

Stress Level: not really looking forward to going to work. It’s difficult working for a company that doesn’t trust you and seems to only want to piss people off. I was the glue that was holding it together...and as bad as things were, they were nothing like this. I keep telling myself, just six months and then we’ll see.

Hunger: No cravings. Had slimfast & OJ because I need to kickstart that metabolism but I wasn’t hungry.

Bathroom: LS

Other health: I don’t know what the deal is with my temperature. It’s been kind of crazy for a while now. At the doctor’s office a couple of weeks ago I actually had a high temp of 101. something. Knees are still hurting. Today I’m a little dizzy. Probably because I did not get enough sleep due to sleeping in on Sunday.

In other news, I sent a nasty email to Shannon and Lonna and ended up fighting it out with Shannon most of the day. She went pretty low. Was not pretty. I will not acknowledge her existence.