New Start

Temperature under tounge = 94.85
Temperature using forehead = 96.85
Weight 251.6

Stress Level: not really looking forward to going to work. It’s difficult working for a company that doesn’t trust you and seems to only want to piss people off. I was the glue that was holding it together...and as bad as things were, they were nothing like this. I keep telling myself, just six months and then we’ll see.

Hunger: No cravings. Had slimfast & OJ because I need to kickstart that metabolism but I wasn’t hungry.

Bathroom: LS

Other health: I don’t know what the deal is with my temperature. It’s been kind of crazy for a while now. At the doctor’s office a couple of weeks ago I actually had a high temp of 101. something. Knees are still hurting. Today I’m a little dizzy. Probably because I did not get enough sleep due to sleeping in on Sunday.

In other news, I sent a nasty email to Shannon and Lonna and ended up fighting it out with Shannon most of the day. She went pretty low. Was not pretty. I will not acknowledge her existence.


Well, the Christmas Party went pretty ok. There were no major incidences. I was surprised to see Shannon & Lonna speak with each other, and rather intently at that.

Talked to Don about some of the things that were going on. He was upset that they had cut the employees 10% on their salary and said that would have been the last thing he would have done.

Scott will be on vacation next week. I need to make him a list of honey-dos. :)


So things are getting a bit complicated at work.

Yesterday I was admonished for putting up a notice about a scammer using our company’s name to “employ” people that he found on Craigslist.

This morning, Scott was basically told that he is in cahoots with my dad in order to extort money from the company. Funny considering they don’t really get along or even remotely like each other (I’m sure it’s all just an act PSH).

Well, this upbeat and generally happy employee has officially mentally left the building. This was once a career I enjoyed and had a great time working with my fellow co-workers who were like family, now it’s a job and I’m just an employee. Way to take something great and make it shitty in less than a month.